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Thread: #'erd cards for cc! xx/50!

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    #'erd cards for cc! xx/250!

    All of these cards are up for auction seperately! Here are the cards...

    Franks Thomas/ Joe Crede 2002 Donruss Elite "Back to the Future" #241/500

    Julio Lugo prospect RC 2001 Fleer Focus "Green" #225/283

    Chipper Jones 2003 Playoff Portraits "Beige" #170/250!

    All of the cards start at 125cc with increments of 10cc! Auctions on all cards end on February 21st at 11pm Eastern Time..

    Good luck, PM me with any questions!


  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    Thanks lprimus for the bids, all cards are now at 125cc! In the title I meant to put xx/250 instead of xx/50, sorry for the confusion!

    Happy bidding!


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    TTT, come on people, dont let lprimus get such a good steal on the cards, lol, jk.

    Ends in 3 days!


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    To the top, only 26 hours and 42 minutes left!



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    To the top, only about 3 hours and 40 minutes left!

    Thanks to all who have bid!


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    congrats lprimus, you win all 3 cards! That is a total of 375cc for the 3 cards!! Please send me the cc and I will send it along with the Tiki Barber GU jersey card...



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