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    Culpepper and McNabb Gu'd and RC Lot for Sale

    Make offers.....


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    anyone want this lot for 12 dollars delivered....


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    12 for those 4, how much for jus the 2 GU, if u only wanna sell them 4 as a lot for 12 dlvd ill do that, but how much for jus the 2 GU, im really interestd

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    let me get back to you ealesfan has replied first if he doesn't want them I will get back to you in about 15 minutes...
    ok...we can make a lot out of what you want....


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    yea 15 min ok ill be here so jus tell me , yea ill check some more of u stuff but how much for the 2 GU mcnabb and cullpepper, jus those 2 w/out the rookies, jus get bak to me even if u do sell them to him

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    i saw on one of ur other posts about a boldin GU rookie, do u still have that or is it sold

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    its sold...sorry it looks like eagles fan is going to take the Mcnabb and Culpepper Gu'd lot.....Are you still interested in the Ontarrio Smith Gu'd lot with the other three cards...


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    damnnnnnn, o well umm i only want the ontarrio not the others if u sell the onatrio separtly how much

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    the mcnabb and culpepper lot is still available...


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