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Thread: Game Used Memrobillia

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    Game Used Memrobillia

    Does anyone have any game used jerseys, headbands, sneakers, wristbands, any thing... If so, how do you obtain this stuff. Ive been starting to collect autographs but I am interested in obtaining game used items from players. Does anyone have any info on how to get this stuff, other than buying it.

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    your best bet would be to write to some lesser-known college players, ask for it, and please, please send these guys a SASE. They don't have any money and that will be your best chance at getting a GU item, and they might even sign it.

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    i go down to the field after baseball games and ask for any broken bats, torn gloves, the sock of the mound, anything... i usually get something if they have won the game... even got a batting glove from magglio ordonez after they beat the angels this year... they will also hand out baseballs... another way is to wait outside locker rooms... my dad got a shoe from scottie pippen that had been torn... its pretty cool and it is auto'd in a silver pen

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    nice stuff. im going to an alumni hockey game in a couple weeks and hoping i can get a gu stick or something from somebody. idk whos gonna be there yet though.and i['ll probably try to collect some autographs too.
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