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Thread: Jersey cards for trade!!!

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    Jersey cards for trade!!!

    I am trading these jersey cards...I am looking for any certified autographs...please make me an offer...

    Dirk Nowitzki 2001-02 Upper Deck Ovation Superstar Warm-Ups
    Steve Nash 2002-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot Materials Warm-Up
    DeShawn Stevenson 2000-01 Fleer Genuine Coverage Mostalgic jersey
    Corey Maggette 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups
    Keyon Dooling 2000-01 Fleer Triple Crown Shoot Arounds warm-up
    Gary Payton 2000-01 Fleer Feel the Game jersey

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    im interested in the payton check my site for my GU and auto pplease LMK if u like anything and how much is the payton worth

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    the book value for the payton is $20.00...Do you have any certified autographs that is $20.00 for trade???

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    Hey D-Miles I can give you a lower end auto for the Nash & Nowitzki jerseys....What BV would you be looking for if I TRADED YOU AN AUTO...for two GU??????

    LMK, I hope your not expecting a straight up trade auto for g/u.....but lmk anyways,

    I dont have any darius miles right now unfortunately though, but who else would you be looking for besides those baseball players in the link in your sig??????


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    I know you like common cards, I guess for autos, but how many common cards would you want for the two? I have probably close to 10,000 commons......

    I would give them all, but the only problem is........SHIPPING.....gets to cost way to much, and with high shipping costs I might as well buy the cards straight up!....

    but lmk,

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    I am not looking for common cards for my game used...The Dirk Nowitzki book value is $25.00 and Steve Nash book value is $12.00...I am looking for certified autographs around the $37.00 range...LMK

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    yeah but I cant trade autos straight up for G/U, nobody does that on here, see what autos you need first, lower end ones, not the shaq or anything like that,


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    Paul, I am interested in your 2003 Topps "Autographs" Eric Hinske #TA-EH...will you trade that...

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