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    Ebay Integration: My Auctions and Default Search

    Something that I thought of months ago has now come to life. SCF now has Ebay integrated into SCF to help members get more bids/higher sale price and to have your favorite keyword search pre-loaded into your profile.

    All members should take 2 seconds to ensure their Ebay ID is added to their profile. Simply go to User CP and Edit Your Details at the top left. Scroll to the bottom and add your Ebay ID into the field. This will update two things.

    First, in your posting profile members can click your Ebay ID to see what auctions you have.

    Second, all of your Ebay auctions will feed into the right column in your profile. Here is an example of a user with several auctions.

    You will notice the users Ebay auctions listed, the price it is up to and the auction end date. You can also click to the members full Ebay Profile.

    Lastly, members can now set their favorite keyword search with their favorite defaults. The results will show up in your own Ebay Auctions tab in your profile. To set your Ebay default search go to User CP and click on the Ebay Search Settings link.

    This will open up the standard Ebay search tool. Type in your favorite Keyword(s) and select your options. In my example I will use Ladainian Tomlinson and have it search in Cards.

    I set my auctions by ending soonest and a few other favorite options. Then I can go to my Profile and click on my Ebay Auctions tab to see the results. I can visit this tab anytime I want to see what is available on Ebay based on my settings.

    Take a minute to add your Ebay ID to your membership and edit your Ebay search settings to get maximum exposure for your Ebay auctions and monitor your favorite keywords!

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    the search on my profile is bringing up auctions that ended 5 days ago... is there any way to have it so only active auctions come up?

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    Is there a way to remove the search once you've set one up ? I set one up and the results are all for cards that don't match exactly what I wanted, so I don't need to see these results. I've tried just deleting my entry but it keeps reverting back to the previous entry.

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    Another awesome idea........kinda make me wish Beckett imploded sooner. That way I could have been spending more time here.....

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    This is ingenious! thanks so much! I will take advantage of this for sure!

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    1943 Joe Dimaggio MP& Co. R302-1 - Excellent Condition

    Check out this link to Ebay, this card is one of the best cards seen from this set:

    1943 Joe Dimaggio MP& Co. R302-1
    Excellent Condition
    Unlike most cards seen from this series, this one is in top Notch Condition.
    This set was issued during the second world war.
    This Card makes a great collector's item.
    Please check out my other cards from this rare set to complete your collection.
    Card is stored in a top loader and in padded envelope.

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