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    the search on my profile is bringing up auctions that ended 5 days ago... is there any way to have it so only active auctions come up?

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    Is there a way to remove the search once you've set one up ? I set one up and the results are all for cards that don't match exactly what I wanted, so I don't need to see these results. I've tried just deleting my entry but it keeps reverting back to the previous entry.

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    Another awesome idea........kinda make me wish Beckett imploded sooner. That way I could have been spending more time here.....

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    This is ingenious! thanks so much! I will take advantage of this for sure!

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    1943 Joe Dimaggio MP& Co. R302-1 - Excellent Condition

    Check out this link to Ebay, this card is one of the best cards seen from this set:

    1943 Joe Dimaggio MP& Co. R302-1
    Excellent Condition
    Unlike most cards seen from this series, this one is in top Notch Condition.
    This set was issued during the second world war.
    This Card makes a great collector's item.
    Please check out my other cards from this rare set to complete your collection.
    Card is stored in a top loader and in padded envelope.

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