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Thread: Brian Noonan & Rob Brown

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    Brian Noonan & Rob Brown

    Hello everyone, I am in need of these cards to finish my player collections.
    I will Buy or Trade, I have alot of NHL cards to trade.
    I also have some Minor cards to trade.

    Here is what I need:

    Rob Brown
    87 Penguins (Kodak) #2
    89 Penguins (Coke) #2
    90 Whalers Jr. (7-11) #3
    91 Whalers Jr. (7-11) #4
    92 Panini Sticker French #10
    96 Collectors Edge Ice QuantumMotion #4
    96 Collectors Edge Prism #104
    97 Pacific Omega Ice Blue #183
    97 Score Penguins Premier #19
    98 Be A Player Atlanta National ’99 #265
    98 Be A Player Toronto Fall Expo #265
    98 Be A Player Toronto Spring Expo #265
    98 Pacific Ice Blue #349
    99 Pacific Copper #335
    99 Pacific Emerald Green #335
    99 Pacific Gold #335
    99 Pacific Ice Blue #335
    99 Pacific Red #335
    99 Pacific Premiere Date #335
    99 UD Ultimate Victory 1of 1 #71
    99 UD Ultimate Victory Parallel #71

    Brian Noonan
    92 Panini Sticker French #9
    93 Score Canadian Gold #411
    97 Score Canucks Platinum #18
    97 Score Canucks Premiere #18
    98 Pacific Ice Blue #432
    98 UD Exclusives 1of 1 #378

    My minor tradelists are here:

    Thanks for any help, Phil

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    Hey Fellow Wolves fan! I have a Bobble head of Noonan fron The fan appreciation giveaways in 02 At the allstate arena.

    I hate Noonan, Have since he started following Keenan around
    (suprised he's not in fla. W/him.

    I was sad to see Brown Retire, I always liked him.
    Did you get your Championship ring giveaway last year?

    Were you at the 3 overtime clinching game?

    By the way, Welcome to the forum. Hope you find the cards you need. Any questions just pm one of us mods.

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    I haven't missed a game in 4 years. Also been to a bunch of away games, love to travel.
    I have all 9 Bobbleheads made so far, and all 3 rings, including some extras.
    I collect any cards I can get of the Wolves players for signing.
    I have collected so many cards for Brian & Rob when they were with the team, that I thought I might finish the collections. (I don't know if would ever get the rest signed.)
    I'll add the other players later to this site.

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    Robbie Brown, lol... I remember when he used to date Alyssa Milano... that lucky ™™™™™™™! Anyways, welcome to the forums and if you ever need anything, just PM one of us Mods!

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    I do have a Rare Look yearbook signed by Daniel Lacroix from 99-00 season

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