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    Last Updated Basketball Trade list before I move!

    Hi all!
    I am moving to Denver in 4 weeks and wanted to see if I could get any trades in before I left (that way there would be pleanty of time to make deals and receive/send all cards before they are packed away for the long hual)
    So here is the updated list-Want list is on the bottom!

    2003 / 2004



    Regular jerseys:

    Mike Bibby (white--USA jersey) #AGW-MB **Not sure if this is supposed to be the "Stars and Stripes" version but he is pictured in his USA jersey with a flag back ground)

    Dajuan Wagner (black) #AGW-DW

    Baron Davis (teal) #AGW-BD

    Jason Richardson (orange) #AGW/JR

    Dahntey Jones (teal or white) #AGW/DJ

    Stephon Marbury (silver) #AGW/SM (traded one but I have another)

    Drew Gooden (white) #AGW/DG


    Genuine Article:

    Kenyon Martin (silver) SN#392/400 #GA-KM


    World Leaders:

    Tracy McGrady (white & some of the reflector material that turns purple at an angle) #WL-TM

    Vince Carter (purple off the stripe on the side) #WL-VC

    Chris Webber (purple) #WL-CW

    Drew Gooden (white) #WL-DG



    Peja Stojakovic (white) #NS-PS



    Kevin Garnett (blue) / Jason Kidd (white with pink on it-Gum I think) #KG-JK


    Sophomore Strands:

    Marcus Haislip (purple) #SOS-MH

    Shooting Stars:

    Reggie Miller (navy blue) #SS-RM

    All Star Weekend Authentics:

    Tim Duncan (black) #AS-TD

    +Honor Roll+

    Dual Warm-ups:

    Dirk Nowitzki (blue) / Steve Nash (black) #DN/SN

    Karl Malone (black) / Devean George (purple) #KM/DG

    Jamal Tinsley (dark blue) / Jermaine O'neal (dark blue) #JT/JO

    Always looking for:

    BRONCOS (especially ELWAY)


    CUBS (especially older players Game Used like Ryno and Dawson)



    David Carr (especially want the 2002 SPX Auto/jersey card)

    LeBron James and Carmello Anthony (who isn't right?)

    Maybe Yao Ming

    I really only collect Game Used and Autos, and maybe rookies of certain key players on the teams I like.



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    I have a 02-03 Steve Francis, 02-03 Cuttino Mobley HHP GU for trade if your interested. I saw you collected rockets stuff

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    I might be interested in the Francis. What are you looking to get for it?

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    Vince Carter (purple off the stripe on the side) #WL-VC
    Tracy McGrady (white) #BBY-TMG
    Dahntey Jones (teal) #AGW/DJ

    I Like these

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    I would give up the Dahntey Jones for it, but not the other ones since it is not even certain that Francis will be a Rocket next year (Odds are he won't be). I doubt it but if you are interested LMK.

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    Hey nickademus, I like a few of your g/u (Garnett/T-Mac/Vince)

    Check my site and lmk, Im trying to move my 03/04 Rookies and all football...


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    Here are the cards I may be interested in:

    03/04 Bowman "Rookie Recall" Andre Miller Jersey #RRE-AM
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials "Mirror Red Jersey" Terrell Davis #111/150

    LMK what kind of deal you would make.

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    I still have the miller but the davis was traded, anything else you can use?

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