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    Busted a box of Bowman Rookies and Stars (Mojo Continues)!!

    I just busted a box of Bowman R & S and the mojo continues again. I have never had such luck with a product until this one. Almost everythime I got packs I got something awesome and yet again it happened. Overall I am very happy with the pulls again with Bowman. Everything is for sale (except the Melo auto not sure yet on that but post if you want it anyway). Here is the goods:

    Game Used:
    Elton Brand Rookie Recall Jersey

    Carmelo Anthony Signs of the Future (THE MOJO CONTINUES)

    Chrome Refractor:
    Kendrick Perkins Chrome Refractor numbered 130/300

    Regular Rookies:
    Carmelo Anthony
    Darko Milicic
    Lebron James
    Travis Outlaw
    Chris Kaman
    Mike Sweetney
    Josh Howard
    Devin Brown
    Maurice Williams
    Zoran Planinic
    Mickael Pietrus
    Nbubi Ebi
    Dahntay Jones
    Mario Austin
    Jerome Beasley
    Keith Bogans
    Troy Bell
    Kyle Korver
    Slavko Vranes
    Sofoklis Schortsanitis
    Travis Hansen
    David West
    Maciej Lampe
    Malick Badiane

    Gold Rookies:
    Mario Austin
    Brian Cook
    Josh Howard
    Chris Kaman
    Alexsandar Pavlovic
    Reece Gaines
    Jason Kapano
    Carlos Delfino

    Chrome Rookies:
    Kendrick Perkins
    Zaur Pachulia
    Jason Kapano
    Rick Rickert
    Reece Gaines
    Malick Boadiane
    Lebron James (Can't Go Wrong)
    Carlos Delfino
    Brian Cook
    Leandro Barbosa

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