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    2002 Topps Pristine Barry Bonds Personal Endorsements Autograph # PE-BB for Trade...

    Lookin for best offers on this card, not sure if im gonna trade it but lookin for Prior RC Autos, Pujols Autos and any other autos bookin 150-175..Lmk what you have. Thanks


    2002 Topps Pristine Barry Bonds Personal Endorsements Autograph # PE-BB bv $175

    I know some have you have expressed interest in the bonds, dont worry i havent forgot, just lookin for other offers right now..Please be patient, lol:hop:
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    Nice card. I don't have any high $$ autos anymore, but feel free to take a look at my www. There are GU/Auto and I have RC/Inserts are separated by team

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    Rice-you have some nice cards, but nothin i could use for the bonds..Thanks


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    i have been looking for someone reasonable like you for a long time... i will trade my rcs/graded/gu/autos way in your favor... i need a bonds auto, and im almost tot he point of buying one...
    check my page, ill giv you lotsa high dollar cards for that bonds auto..ill even throw in a bonds rc or 2 if i need to...

    if there are things on my site you can use, ill make you feel more than happy to trade me the bonds...

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    Hey check my site and lmk everything u liek for it- would u be interested in a schilling auto jersey bv100 and some other stuff for it- anyway lmk wut u liek

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    im interested please check my site and LMK if you like anything

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    hey im interested please check site. did you like one of my priors before?

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    NP man, I figured the Pujols RC would catch your eye and maybe some others.

    Thanks anyhow.


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    I have these Priors/Pujols:

    03 UD Sweet Spot Prior Auto ($150)
    02 Topps 206 Prior Auto ($100)
    02 Donruss Fan Club Prior Auto (No BV)
    02 Bowman Heritage Pujols Auto ($120)

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