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    Updated site... Tons of Rc's Gu Autos and Patchs all for trade

    everything on my site is available except for the cards in red which i intend to keep unless i have an offer that blows me out of the thanx and lmk

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I need these:
    2003 Jose Reyes Topps 205 Auto(like a lot)
    2001 Jose Reyes Bowman Rc
    2003 Prior Fleer Hot Prospects PlayerGraphs Auto /400
    2003 Jose Reyes Fleer Hot Prospects Auto /400(like a lot)
    2002 Portis Fleer Hot Prospects Jersey
    take a look at my site and see if you need anything. I like the reyes autos the most.

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    I wat ur RC/GU Michael Vick cards check my thread!Also, s the jrsy in the card r is there no jrsy piece???????

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    scott please check my fball site and vick fan i dont understand this part s the jrsy in the card r is there no jrsy piece???????

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    I'm asking is it a jersey RC Vick card???Or is there no Jersey Piece???

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    o did u check my post to see if u wanted anything for it???

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    yea didnt see anything vickfan and same to you hehjate me sry guys

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