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    what you will trade me for this card?

    up for trade is a carmelo anthony bowman signature 200. what will anyone give me for this card. another auto in return

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    a 96-97 skybox emerald autograph grant hill bv $200?

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    I see a skybox grant hill autograph on ebay for 12. plus i am looking for a newer auto anyways thanks though. DO you have any newer autos?

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    the one on ebay you are referring to is the autographics (bv$60)...this is a different card- theyve been going for around $65-70 as of late

    as for newer autos, i dont have anything higher end available right now


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    bdrr would u be willing to trade one of those kevin garnett autos

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    theyre not listed on my trade page, sorry

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    theyre mine. i just have no intention of trading them. i made a seperate trade page with cards available- which is the one the link takes you to


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