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    is sp signature gonna be a big hit

    are any of u guys gonna buy one

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I dunno, i think it will be big, but the price is what i think everyone is going to look at. I probably wouldn't buy more then 2 or 3 while it is out, espically when you see the people who have auto'd card in the set, the way i see it is if u buy it and u get someone crummy then your ambition to buy another would be lower. Now if u get a Lebron or someone big then u would probably have more faith of getting something good. I'd give it a try.

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    yeah i agree, but i think in the long run its going to hurt the company cuzz i don't think people are willing to put out that kinda cash for 1 pack when they could (depending on price) buy a box of something else

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    I will buy one. I think the logic is if you get a crummy card you buy more, like gambling you lose you want to get your money back you gamble more. How much are packs? release date?

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