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    what is the greatest pull of your life

    i dont know what mine would be

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i pulled a lebron 3/10 rcd
    I collect:
    NY Giants (especially Eli Manning, Evan Engram, Sterling Sheppard, Landon Collins)
    NFL and NBA Rookies of players that became impact players within their sports.
    Unlike many collectors, I am not big on Game Used cards. Will gladly trade GU cards for RCS!

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    vince carter 2001 hot prospects auto jersey #D 8/15 from 14 packs of hot prospects

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    AznHaze that is one heck of a pull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A pulled a 2000/01 Ultimate Victory T-mac /25 that booked as high as $200. Now I think its at $150
    In baseball I'm collecting PSA 3.5 and above T206's, ungraded tobacco era cards, 1930's Goudey, and pre 1950 Bowman
    In boxing, i'm collecting PSA 5 and above 1948 Leaf
    In MMA, I am looking for 2010 Leaf Autographs

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    Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant 2000-01 SP Game Used Duo Floor Gold, ?/100. Can't remember the serial numbering. Sold it around the same time I got it.

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    So far, mine has been a 1999 UD Hardcourt Wilt Chamberlain UD Gamefloor 35/100.
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    I've had a lot of "pull of my life" cards the last 6 months or so. Let's see... The highlight has to be a LeBron Finite Signatures Auto out of UD Finite. Had slabbed a PSA9 sold for $810 on ebay though. I didn't want to but I needed the cash.

    Pulled a Tiger Woods SOTT Auto from 01 SP Authentic #/273 Red variation.

    Kobe SIGnificance Auto #/100 from 03/04 SP GU.

    Cal Ripken Jr. Sig Stars Gold Auto #/99 from the Upper Deck update mini boxes.

    Carmelo INKredible #/100 auto from SP Signature

    Carmelo Auto'd RC SP Authentic (Pulled that yesterday, but I bought 10 boxes)

    Found a "leftover" pack of 99 contenders at the local card shop and picked it up for 2.99 and got a Donovan McNabb, that has to be the nicest card I got for the cheapest! Another guy bought the remaining 02 contenders packs (4 or 5 of them) for 3.99 each and pulled a Vick redemption auto /25. I missed that one...dangit. :D

    Out of all the stuff I've purchased lately you'd think I'd hit more, but I've gotten some good stuff. Still trying to hit that Authentic Rookie Stars Tiger Auto from 01 SPA though. I don't want to pay $900 for it, I want to pull one!

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    I also pulled an Albert Pujols Sweet Sigs redemption (the parallel one with no name on it)

    Dwyane Wade Topps Chrome Chromographs Refractor auto 06/25. (I sold this on ebay last week $233)

    I also have a Lebron Platinum Finish 97/100 for sale on ebay right now and a Jason Kapono Press Plates Magenta 1/1 (Uncommon) as well. These both end in a few hours though.

    --Kapono Press Plate

    --Lebron Plat Finish #/100

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