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Thread: What is your best auction win?

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    What is your best auction win?

    Mine would have to be a 97-98 Flair Showcase Row 0 LEGACY COLLECTION Tracy Mcgrady RC numbered to /100. Bought this for $38 shipped.(auction was titled TRACY MCGRADY) I'm curious to see what deals i've missed :). Please share.

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    I would ask what players but it don't really matter who they are. Great deal!

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    Kobe what does that T-Mac book for??? Im guessing $200?

    I bought a 01/02 Focus Jersey Numbers Gary Payton Ser # 1/20

    Paid $8 and change, im happy with it though its really sweet looking!


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    paul06901: First of all. Great deal on that Payton! Very sweet card, especially for that price.

    The T-Mac card only books for $120.00. Though I put in on ebay once(just to see what it would bring in- had reserve) and got an offer for $200.00 for it. I had to refuse cause this card is basically priceless to me. And could'nt bring myself to selling it.

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    I just started collecting cards again about a month ago..So far I've bought these.....
    04 UD GLASS AMARE STOUDEMIRE JERSEY #49/100.....$4.15

    A couple of boxes..And what I consider to possibly be the crown jewel, a 2002 Sage Pangos Sebastian Telfair RC GEM 10 for $6. I think if he spends a year at Louisville, he can become an elite player in the NBA..Its his first card..It may be wishful thinking, but it can happen...

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