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    PAYPAL SALE!! New Trade Page Created! Look and LMK what you think please.

    LMK what you think and if there is anything you are interested in.



    Please make offers that you would not be offended to get. It goes without saying do unto others as you will have others do unto you!
    Basically, if you would be offended with the offer if someone offered it to you, please do not make it to me.
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    interested in this one, 04 Donruss Brett Myers Red Press Proof #322, lmk what your looking for in return.

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    I sent ya a PM a while back about it. Check it out and get back to me.



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    I need your 03 Honor Roll Griffey Jr. Dean's List GU jersey BV $15

    I have a 2003 Studio Big League Challenge Materials Barry Bonds # BLC-42 (home plate) BV $15 that I would trade you if you're interested.


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    Sounds good Rick, PM me your info and I will send you mine.

    What do you think of the trade page setup and wall paper and stuff BTW?



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