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    03 Bowman Draft Golds and Chromes for trade!

    I have about 30 golds and close to 100 chromes. Send lists!

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    What ya got?

    Send me a list and maybe we can get a bigger deal goin if I see any.



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    Willis, Woodward, Sefrig, Lewis, Quiroz, D'Antona, Paul, Mattingly...PLMK what ya got.


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    interested in maine, xavier paul, sefrig, valido, aaron hill, jj hardy

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    Sportnut08 - I have the following......Chrome's - Willis, D' Antona, Quiroz.
    Gold's - Willis, Mattingly, Paul,

    Patkelly 14 - I know i have a Valido Chrome, All the others you mentioned are either listed above or i do not have.


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    How's this sound?:
    2001 BDP Chase Utley RC

    I just noticed that the Utley has a slight ding in one corner...if you still want it I can also throw in my 2000 Topps Brett Myers RC

    Chrome Willis, Qurioz

    Gold Willis


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    Sportnut - I already have that utley, Only wanted it for the Marlins team set. I will check your site and see what i like.

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    OK, sounds good...If you can only find some cheaper cards I'll gladly trade for just the Willis' for my Dontrelle collection. PLMK.


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