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    I need at least $5 in Paypal, Please look and be reasonable with offers.

    I need a quick $5 in my PayPal account so if there is anything in the range you are interested in, PLMK.

    I can obviously take more than $5 but I need at least that.


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  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    how much for this
    01 Donruss Baseball's Best Silver Albert Pujols #R97

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    BV is $80 so I want at least 1/2 BV on it since it took me $110 to redeem the set. The redemption card was 1:720 Packs on top of that just to get to buy one.


    The card is in MINT condition and a card I am/was considering grading.



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    wow...didn't realize bv was so much...can't afford it at this time

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    NP, it is limited to 499 sets for the silver Baseball's Best cards. plus with all the fuss to get it makes it valuable and a hard 1 to find.



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