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    Quote Originally Posted by RunnersDad View Post
    I'm Mike, and also forgot that I had joined the boards a while back. I collect Adam Wainwright....but I am really focusing on Bernie Federko right now. If you have any Federko cards send em my way! Nice to meet all of you!
    Will keep you in mind if i come accross any Federko!

    Quote Originally Posted by ellogovna*123 View Post
    Will be interested in what you come up with thanks!
    I'm affraid after looking through the list i have nothing...sorry about that but i'll keep you in mind as i bust new packs!

    Quote Originally Posted by oilers771389 View Post
    Hey im also new to the site, as i was previously on beckett. I collect current edmonton oilers, and am looking to trade for them, buckets in sig.
    I've got a FW Schremp and an Ultimate Signature Cogliano...let me know if you are interested!

    Quote Originally Posted by letsgocapitals View Post
    Hi guys... new to the site, over from Beckett (same username). Pretty much only collecting Milan Lucic right now. Glad to see some familiar faces make the transition now. Beckett is a ghost town with most of the posts griping about the poorly thought out change. Someone should be getting a red slip in their locker over there real soon.

    Welcome, you'll have some competition for the Lucic around here we've got quite a few B's fan! I have an Ultimate Collection Lucic jersey for trade lmk if interested
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    Hey guys,

    Joined a while back but with the introduction of the new beckett it gave me the idea of diversifying my time . Thus I have decided to be more active around here. I will also continue to be on beckett as well.

    I collect O'Sullivan

    and Pavelec, Hensick, Mueller to a lesser extent. Would love to pull off my first trade here so as to get rid of the 0 trader rating. If anyone has any cards of the above, please let me know.

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    hey there i'm manthis i came here over from beckett -i collect hockey cards
    toronto/montreal rc autos.
    so lets start trading
    thanks everyone.

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    Hey, I'm Antonio. I came here From Beckett, for obvious reasons. I have the same id from there. I made one trade already and hoping to do more. Thanks

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    Hello everyone, I am new to sports card trading, but not card trading. Used to trade CCG cards many years ago and now decided to get into hockey cards.

    Currently looking for 2007-08 UD Exclusives cards and various RCs and autos of Habs players.

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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Mike. Im new to the internet trading scene but im looking to have a lot of fun with it, nothing like the excitement of a new card. Chicago native looking for kane and toews but then again who isnt!

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    Hey, How ya doin'?
    My name's Thom and I needed a new place to trade after Beckett went goofy. My old Beckett id is tkpizza.

    I collect Brodeur and the Pens. (I know. What an odd combo, right?)

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    Hi all, My name is Aaron and I am into building various sets of hockey cards. I am a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan but I really don't specifically collect one team/player, I'm more about set building. Hope to trade with you all in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtab316 View Post
    Hey, How ya doin'?
    My name's Thom and I needed a new place to trade after Beckett went goofy. My old Beckett id is tkpizza.

    I collect Brodeur and the Pens. (I know. What an odd combo, right?)
    Im Dylan

    My username stayed the same as I had on beckett

    Fully agreed they went "goofy" is a nice way of putting it, not much interest in that site anymore.

    Happy to be here

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    Hi my name's Elliott. I'm here from the Beckett site, where I used the same user name. I collect just about everything Pittsburgh Penguins past, present and future. Everything in my bucket that's not in my Penguins PC is for trade. Hope to be trading with some of you soon.

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