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    Looking to buy Autos (have $80.00)

    I am looking to buy a couple nice autos of baseball/basketball/football..

    I have $80.00 in hand, but not looking to spend it on just one card, so LMK what you have for sale.. Please PayPal only (Credit Card)


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    I have these for sale (MAKE OFFERS)

    2003 Schilling UD Play Ball Auto/Jersey /50 bv100
    2003 Rolen SP Authentic Auto /345 bv40
    2003 Fisk SP Authentic Auto bv40
    2002 Oswalt Diamond Kings Auto bv25

    2002 Archie Manning SPx AUTO bv30 *sells for 16 on ebay*
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    U make the offer-rolen bv40 the oswalt bv25- LMK WUT UD BE WILLING TO PAY (i dont like making offers becuz they're always way too high and scare people away- its a lot easier to work from wutu say lol)

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    The Oswalt aren't going for anything on eBay...

    Here are some on eBay (all are numbered, not going for high)

    And here is the Rolen wioth no bids

    I dont really think i can give ya that much

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    You can't go by cards that are different from the cards Im selling you...The brand of the rolen is a lot worse than sp authentic so you cant go by that, and the oswalt is a different yea.

    Anyway- make an offer

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    Well the one I looked up for Oswalt was numbered out of 5 and 10, and neither were higher than $15!

    I can give you 6 for oswalt and 15 for rolen

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    OK, If you can do $15.50 on the rolen u got a deal (because I get charged money and want to get the full 15) I think I can accept credit card payments and that is why they charge me


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    It is illegal to charge that extra .50 for paying for your charges, but it doesnt matter to me, not much, but for future reference it might bother somebody else

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    Would you be interested in these:
    Blair, Paul 2003 Finest Finest Moments Refractors auto - $15
    Olson, Tim 2003 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures RC 442/500 $20

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