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    Post Link to my Tradelist,something for everyone

    well spent a few hours over the week updating and renovating my tradelist of Hockey cards.i'm not even halfway complete,but i have listed some Game Used and auto's.i will try to get my RC's and serial numbered inserts up in the next few days.take a look,you may find something for your or post any offers.thanks !

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    I'd be interested in your pinpiont accuracy Daze .

    I'll see what I have for Messier cards.

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    I have a couple of older Messier's 81/82 #118,82/83 #117 the 82/83 Has a crease across the top of the card and the 81/82 has soft corners can e-mail you a pic if you are interested.

    E-Mail me @ rob_g_2002@hotmail If you want the cards


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    99-00 BAP Memorabilia C.Joseph (purple)
    Gaborik/Kuba/Mclennan/Fernandez (3 white,1 gold)

    do u have a full wantlist?

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    01-02 Crown Royale Triple Threads Lemieux/Straka/Kovalev (Lemiuex 3 colors,Straka black,Kovalev white) $60

    i am interested in that card. i would trade you this and something else small for it.

    01-02 bap memorabilia mark messier game used all star jersey $50

    let me know what ya think

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    Hey. I need the following cards:
    01-02 Honor Roll Playoff Matchup Roy/Brodeur
    00-01 Heroes Twigs Brodeur
    02-03 ITGU Brodeur Jersey.
    Please see the tradelist I posted and let me know if you see anything.

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