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    Looking to make some trades tonight

    Ok so since starting sometime this week my computer time is going to be extremely limited I wanna make some trades in the next few days.I'll be on AIM for a while,so check out my site and reply here or send me a message on there.


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    i can trade you some gud as trade bait if you like any off my site

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    i dunno about the GU but the bv on the Couch listed in your other thread is $12

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    *2003 Playoff Honors Football Tandems Rex Grossman/Taylor Jacobs GU footballs (Jacobs piece has part of Wilson lettering) #d 42/100 bv 15.00

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    CWH....what are you lloking for cuase this sparked some attention

    Quentin Griffin--Topps All American Auto

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    cwh - i like these:
    P. Manning/M. Brunell--Honor Roll Offensive Threats Dual JSY
    Marvin Harrison--Donruss Classics 435/500
    Andre Johnson--Leaf Certified JSY

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    The Marvin Harrison bv is $15. I could do that one for the Grossman/Jacobs.

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