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    Anyone Interested in this nice dual jsy. card?

    I have this nice football card that I am looking to trade or sell:

    2003 Playoff Prestige League Leaders Tandems Materials LLT-12 Emmitt Smith/Fred Taylor $40

    Will trade for cards on wantlist (baseball):
    or cards of Domanick Davis, Josh Reed, LaBrandon Toefield

    I am looking to sell for around $15 give or take a few bucks. Make a reasonable offer and I will let you know.

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    SteelersRock2453: Only card of interested in josh reed gu but that only books for $8. Sorry

    Baseballz: only card of interest is your Rolen Auto but I know you probably wouldn't trade that for a GU.

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    i'll give you $12.50 for it (all i have at the moment to spend on cards) pm me if you're interested.

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    ok do you have any football gud you might wanna trade to me for it

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    only other football that I have is a 2002 rohan davey jsy., and a 2001 eddie kennison jsy. I am not sure what type they are, and I won't be able to check until Wednesday. I am sure that you are probably not interested in these anyways.

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    maybe depends on the brands prob will want da davey

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