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    does anybody ahve any boxes or packs

    i am willing to buy or trade for boxes or packs of cxards lmk what you have thanx

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    What years are you looking for? Currently I have a 1993 Playoff sealed Hobby box. It is the Playoff box and NOT the Contenders. Not sure what it goes for but if you have any interest in it then we can toss some numbers around. Just let me know either way if you could. :)


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    i know you may not want it but i got a box of 2001 UD VIctory football. 36packs with 10cards in each. will sell for $15plus $7for shipping and Insurance. lmk thanks i've been tryin to get rid of for a long time

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    mookie ill pass on that and lewisduo will u trade it i am somewhat interested

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    i can trade part of it i really need the shipping money though. lmk thanks!

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    ok so wat ill give u 15 in trade and like 5 bux cash or?

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    yea something like that like $15-$20 in trade and $5cash. yea lmk thanks

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    3 unsearched packs of SPX, wife got them for Valentine's Day never touched em, too busy lol.

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