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    Dajuan Wagner/Mike Sweetney GU cards

    I have these 2 cards for trade or sale
    03-04 Avant Dajuan Wagner Jsy and 03-04 Avant Mike Sweetney Jsy

    Here's a scan. I would like football in return, or some cash I guess.

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    i could offer u justin gage jsy card and juston wood top prospects jsy card for the wagner jsy


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    Dajuan-who is justin wood?
    stalking wolf-football or baseball--clinton portis/03 contenders autos/Cubs
    Baseball- I like either of your Pujols Jsy cards

    LMK all

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    Do you have any Cubs not listed on your site? Also liked your Boldin jsy.

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    Oh well...maybe next time. Sorry we couldn't work out a deal. LMK if you crack any baseball open and pull any cubbies. Thanks!

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