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Thread: Only 10 made (#8 of 10)

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    Only 10 made (#8 of 10)

    2003 Dunruss signature series FRANK ROBINSON autograph (card #TT9) .

    Anyone know the value or price range of this card...please help!

    thank you very much,


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    No value in the books. Too scarce to price.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Check eBay and see if any on there are for sale or already sold.

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    Thanks you think i could get $$$ or trades for mcfarlane figures for this card? I don't collect cards...just took a chance at it..(pack).

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    the TT9 is the only one listed with no #ed deisgnation... it books at $25 not numbered i guess... I would like to trade for it ... check my site and LMK!


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    thats a good objective.."family" bro

    anyway...i can't seem to get your www. it doesn't want to go when i press the go do you have...

    give me your have list; and maybe we can work something out

    lmk asap people are inquiring thats why

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  10. #10 is my trade page and PM me if you see anything as well as what McFarlane figs you are wanting.
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