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    Talking Looking for 2001 Pujols Bowman Chrome RC

    I have a very large collection I am looking to get rid of. Maybe all at once if the right offer comes along. I'm looking to consolidate into a few of my favorite players RC's. The Pujols 01 Bowman Chrome is the card I am seeking most. I have RC's of most baseball stars from 87-93. I have a ton of hockey also. Years vary from 89-present. I have full sets of the first 3 years U.D. hockey. Also have a good amount of jsy cards. Plus many football cards from 86-present. And some basketball too. Also have many old games 4 PS1 & Genesis plus systems in good cond. :D

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    Good luck with this...I can't think of a more rare (and highly valued) card issued in the last five years. There were only 500 made, and many have been graded to command top dollar.

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    good luck, the bowman chrome pujols sells for almost full book, 800-900.00 ungraded. it'll be tough enough to get any pujols auto as it is especially for a collection of cards now matter how much in bv you give up.

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