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    Erick Almonte recollection collection auto #ed to 10 FT

    Looking for around 30.00 in trade for it, looking for 1 auto in trade, send lists! Thanks!

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    Did you get my Pm about that auction last night?

    I won that auction and I will trade you the Myers auto for it.



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    rice - I will let you know shortly, i want to see what other offers i can get for this. Thanks for sending me the link though!

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    But do you want that Myers card or not?

    Even if not for the Almonte?
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    Yeah i would be interested, I dont have any autos FT, but i could trade in your favor with GU and RC's. Lmk if you would do that and who your looking for.

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    PM me man. If you want the card, I can give you the address info and you can send the guy the $10 for it.


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    Im not really looking to buy, just trading as of right now but thanks for the offer!

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    OK, I am glad I know that now before I bid on the other ones I saw that were more rare and valuable for ya.

    When I get the auto if you have something I want, I will trade it to ya. If not I will put it back up on eBay


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    ok, just for future reference, what/who do you collect?

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