Mega rc & auto lot! Shaq, Dirk, McGwire, Gwynn+ f\t at 25% of bv or less!!!!
Looking for one nice rc fb\bb\bkb or vintage baseball HOF'er that is either that books in the $30-40 range or even a vintage HOF'er in ex-vg condition that is worth $30-40 due to condition. total bv on this lot is $162.25. would also sell entire lot for $15 dlvd via pay pal.
Heres the lot
1983 Topps Tony Gwynn rc (not mint.2 soft corners & a surface crease on the bottom left) bv $25 if mint
87 Topps Mark McGwire rc bv $5 (Gem mint, would likely grade 9 -10)
1999 Finest Roy Halliday rc
02 Flair Ladell Betts #d rc bv $8
00 UD Chris Redman rc bv $4
02 Fleer Maximum Daniel Graham rc bv $4
02 Donruss Daniel Graham rc bv $2.00
02 Topps Steve Smith rc
02 Topps Jonathan Carter rc
99 Bowman's Best David Boston rc
92-93 UD McDonalds Shaq rc bv ??
02 Press Pass Etan Thomas AUTO
98-99 Topps Dirk rc bv $4
98-99 Finest Dirk rc bv $4
96-97 Bowmans Best Steve Nash rc
96-97 TSC Steve Nash rc
96-97 Skybox Premium Steve Nash rc
98-99 Brilliants Jamison rc bv $6
02 UD MVP Drew Gooden rc bv $5
02 UD MVP Kareem Rush rc
95-96 SP retail Michael Finley rc
95-96 SP Hobby Finley rc
02 Topps rcs
Dunnleavy, Nene, Tskitishvili, Yarburough, Welsch, Archibald, Borchardt
02 Topps Chrome Efthimios Rentzias rc bv $5
02 Topps Ten rcs
Williams, Yarburough, Nachbar, Jacobsen, Jeffries.
PLMK & Thanks,