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    Can't wait the new artifcats

    I LOVE that set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Care4Card View Post
    Can't wait the new artifcats

    I LOVE that set.
    I have never been a big Artifacts fan but I'm starting to come around, especially after seeing some of the designs on the sell sheet for 08/09. I most likely won't be breaking any but I will definitely pick up an Autofacts and maybe a patch or two for my Gaborik PC.
    - Kevin

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    If I pull any Gaboriks I'll hold them for you Inferno.

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    Thanks guys for posting the UD S1.....

    I think they went away with borders because it is harder to center and it shows when a card is not centered....I dont blame them but I do agree the at the Young Guns set this coming season is a little too.....flowery

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    OK - Found some Black Diamond - Sheet is over 3 pictures....but at least its there...Enjoy

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    i'm liking the OPC and the black diamond. trying out the arifacts and masterpiece sets from enigma. and i'm not too fond of the new YG cards

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    i'm still wondering if there's ever going to be a pre-release sheet for UD Black (not diamond). in theory the product was suppose to be out this past week but got delayed until next week. kinda strange that there's no checklist or release sheets. hopefully this product won't be pushed out and out until it gets buried by the other releases.

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    oh dear....i might need to start buyng Trilogy lol
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