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Thread: Art Monk auto/GU #50 for sale!

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    Art Monk auto/GU #50 for sale!

    Hey guys, I need $35 in the Paypal really fast so I will sell this for $35 DLVD.

    It is from the 03 Donruss Classics and is a redemption card for an Art Monk GU/Auto card #/50

    BV is $80.

    If someone buys this and wants the E.J. Henderson auto redemption from the same set, I will add it for an extra $5 for $40 DLVD total for the 2 cards.

    That is $100 in BV of cards for 40% of book, both are auto cards, the Monk is also a GU #/50


    First one who confirms they want it and are paying with PayPal gets them.

    If not interested in the Monk, look at my site and see if anything else grabs ya.



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    OK, for $40 DLVD, I will throw in the Calico R&S Freshman O jersey.
    That is a $112 BV. This is almost 1/3 BV

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    PM me and LMK the BV.

    I am not at home so I have no way to know the BV.

    PM me the BV and I will LYK



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