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    00/01 UD Reserve FT -- KG, K-mart, D-miles RC AUTO GU, more!

    I am looking to trade an almost complete set of 2000/01 UD Reserve. 5 cards are missing from this 20 card set. 24 inserts are also included. Above the inserts are 11 Jerseys, 3 of which are also auto'ed!!! There are also two buybacks. I am looking to trade this as a lot. If you need more info, PLMK and I'll list all of what is exactly in here. Thanks

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    There is a Donnell Harvey Buyback Auto 73/98 and a Joel Pryzibilla Buyback auto 211/238. There are also three auto jerseys: Jamal Crawford, Marcus Fizer, and Dermarr Johnson.

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    If you decide to break the lot up, I might need the Crawford.

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    I don't think I'll be breaking up the lot. The only way is if I decide to sell it on ebay. Sorry

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    so are you looking to trade up, or just get rid of everything at the same time?

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    I am really just looking to get rid of the lot at the same time. I would really just be looking for stuff I could use (esp. Lakers).

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    i could try to make a deal for the 5 graphs as a lot. may also take some of the jerseys off your hands, but i dont think i have enough stuff to cut a deal for it all.
    im very interested in the 3 auto jerseys, id like to try and get 'em one way or another :)

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    I was really hoping to trade the whole set together, but just offer me something if you only need the autos. Thanks

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    about what price range u putting on this if u would sell it as a whole lot

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