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    Looking to buy an AUTO via Paypal..

    I'm looking to spend around $8-10 on an auto via paypal. Not really looking for anyone in particular but LMK what you have for sell.

    thanks and send me the offers.

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    Look at my www below.

    If there are a few on there, maybe we can work out a deal.

    I will sell you 2 of the Yankee Legends auto for $10 or LMK if you see anything else.


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    ricefan: didn't see anything...

    Bosox: All I saw on your site were high end autos.....Can you do me a favor and list the ones that you would be willing to part with in the $10 range....You have some very nice cards btw.

    thanks and LMK

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    I have a 01 fleer showcase sweet sigs rafael furcal wall auto bv 15 that i could sell for 8. LMK

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    Bosox: Thanks but I already have that card....Which color is it?

    I was wondering if we can maybe work out a cash/card deal for one of your higher end autos?

    I have this as trade bait:

    2001 Donruss Sig. Series Mark Prior RC #d/800 BV $80....

    I can add paypal funds to that if necessary.


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    check and see if i have anything you like,i could use a few bucks in my paypal...

    if its a pricier bv item, i would consider cash/trade.. thanks

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    Mr. Nelly...Didn' t really see anything. Thanks for the reply though.

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