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    For all you Vintage guys out there, check this out

    This is a preview for the upcoming mastronet auction. Anyone have any extra cash I can have? LOL

    Seriously, these are some of the nicest items you will see come up. Would be nice to bid on some of these. I guess I will stick to the window shopping. :)

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    Really cool stuff here. I'm a vintage guy but only as far back as 1969. I was drooling over that 1969 Topps baseball uncut sheet. Those were the very first cards I ever collected--I still have my Reggie Jackson rookie card. If I ever get rich, I would like to complete that set. Thanks john.

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    Were those '53 Topps graded packs?
    I guess if you buy them it's not to open them.

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    1953 Topps Packs are very rare. No way would I open them especially that they were graded 5 and 5.5. That must indicate some sort of damage on them. Definitely would be keeping them closed.

    The one item in there that I have never seen before that I would love to own is the 1956 Elvis Unopened Box. I love the non sport stuff.

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    Oh man...I would LOVE to get the 59 Topps box and rip that one open :) I dont really care that they are graded that will just ensure that the cards are not in poor conditions :) I wonder how much it is...Ill be willing to trade my little sister for them.. :) haha

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