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Thread: Albert Pujouls rookie auto

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    Albert Pujouls rookie auto

    i just got a Albert Pujouls rookie auto that has a beckett value of 355.00 $$$$$$ it is a tite card......... will be hard to trade.........

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    I'd want it....I have Autos of Bonds, Prior, Pujols, Arod, Jeter, Nomar, etc.

    Please let me know what year/set the card is from.

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    do you have a scan, and whats the make of the card??


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    i really want it who are you looking for?
    what is the brand and do you have a scan of it.

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    Just a friendly reminder that this is a member who has been signed up on SCF for 6+ months, has only made 93 posts, and has not completed 1 trade here yet. Don't go doing anything stupid just because it's a "tite" card.

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    Glad you said that Iggy, Im new here also and if you didnt say it I was going to.

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    I havnt been on my internet for quite some time.... but ne wa this card is a 2001 spx authentic card............ i have no scan of the card but i do hav this... if i get a good offer i will offer to send first.....

    Surfer- dont know ure cards
    ABC- i would like sum of those cards wut do they book
    Baseballcdz- only like shefield but not booked high enuf
    Pujouls- nothing i liked

    People who want this read the top of wut i said yes i hav been on for that much time but this is a great card i hav

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    Who the heck is PUJOULS?????????????????????

    Can we only assume he means Pujols?

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