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    can someone tell me anything about this guy?

    I recently completed a trade (baseball), and the other trader threw in the following card...

    2003 Finest Chris Simms RC AUTO Refractor #ed/199

    BV on this card is $80.

    So, what I would like to know, is anything at all about this guy. What is a baseball RC that his cards are comparable to (Marte?)? Any info on a guess at what to sell this at?

    Basically I am ignorant when it comes to football cards, so any hnest info would be appreciated!!!


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    He's a pretty good QB from Texas. My guess is he will get a chance either in Tampa or somewhere else. His dad Is Phil Simms Giants QB in the 80's....I would get something pretty nice for it or sell for at least 30 to 35 bucks would probable be reasonable...


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    Yeah if it books at 80 You should at least get a nice 80 dollar card out of with somebody you can use. I wouldnt worry about what kinda rookie it is, id worry only if you needed it


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