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    Arrow Wanting to trade my stuff for Orioles Gu, Auto

    Alright, I'm no longer interested in just cards of anybody, I'm trying to get Orioles.
    I will trade these for Orioles Gu, or Autos.
    I have a Pedro Martinez jersey, Lew Ford auto, and another auto of Bob Feller. I will get the specifics once someone wants to trade, or has something.
    I'd like current Orioles only, and Gu, Auto only!!
    No inserts, or anything!!

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    i have many oriles autos /gu. what auto is the feller

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    I could do this for the Feller auto, The Feller books $25, and I'm guessing their similar in bv.
    ** Whoops**
    The Feller is a 2001 Topps Archive Autographs
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    I have a Cal Ripken Jr. autographed 3'X4" postcard for trade...are you interested, i got it in a card show...

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    I have a Cal Ripken bench card booked 40 i dont know if u r interested PLMK

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    That's too high in Bv, I don't have enough cards to trade, and you'd be ripping your-self off.
    Thanks though,

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    i want your albert pujols 2001 upper deck rookie
    i dont have many orioles game used though. is there anyone else you would trade for. i have many orioles commons and inserts i could trade for it.PLMK

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    DMILES-- No, and Yes I answered your question.

    Pujols05--Sorry but I don't use my site anymore, and everything there is gone already.

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