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    2004 Donruss DK Runelvys Hernandez dual jersey auto #'d/15 for sale

    Looking for $18 + $2.00 shipping. This is a sweet card of a nice young pitcher. Contains two pieces of his jersey and his autograph and only 15 made.

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    lol, id be possibly interested in the card if youre trading, depending on the bv..

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    Dmiles-Not really

    MrNelly- could use these:

    1997 Donruss Sig. Brian Giles /3900 $15
    2003 Leaf Josh Bard auto $10
    2002 Sweet Sigs. Nady auto $15
    Milton Bradley T206 auto $15

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    im not trading any of my padres autos, unless its for another padre auto..

    bard is available

    bradley is too, but i wouldnt do bradley for hernandez as i have a few t206 autos, and i only trade em for padre autos i need..

    whats the hernadez book??

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    well, whats a listed hernandez auto book??

    i got craig nettles /11 for $10
    ryan klesko /23 for $15

    low numbered cards of non stars dont command a premium imo.
    id say $15, thats what its worth to me..

    if you dont get any better offers, i would possibly do the bard and another $10 auto snce its jsy/auto

    pm me

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    I'll pass on that. Ebay value does not equate to book value. I can't even get rid of a Josh Bard auto jersey for $5.

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