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Thread: Tony Parkers Needed!

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    Arrow Tony Parkers Needed!

    Now I'm sure some of you have seen this thread before. I am at it again and would like to see what Tony Parkers you have got out there. PLMK Thanks!

    PS= I am in the trading mood so please check my site and LMK if there is anything on there you could use. Thank you!

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    are you looking for base/inserts as well? i have about 10 of them, lmk thanks

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    i got these...

    02-03 hoops stars
    02-03 fleer genuine
    02-03 stadium club
    02-03 sp authentic
    02-03 fleer tradition
    02-03 fleer tradition crystal #d to 199 ( i belive i still have this, ill have to double check)
    02-03 fleer tradition soaring stars
    02-03 fleer platinum
    02-03 ultra
    03-04 flair world leaders

    lmk which ones you need, i need these from your site
    00-01 Bowman's Best Mike Miller/499
    01-02 Fleer Premium Pau Gasol/1500
    lmk thanks

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    Thanks for your research and reply but I only need this:

    03-04 Flair World Leaders

    The crd is worth $2.50 so how about some CC? PLMK Thanks

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    i also have this...

    02-03 fleer tradition crystals 108/199

    if you dont need it than ya i can do some cc for the flair insert, lmk

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    Thank but yes I have the Tradition Crystal/199 insert. How much CC were you thinking? PLMK Thanks

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    i can do like 25-30, if ya could lmk if you see anything of my site for the Miller bowman best rc and Gasol fleer premium rc, lmk thanks

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    Hey man I like that Kaman Tradition Ball/Patch. Isn't it serially #ed? Check my site and PLMK what you want for it. Thanks!

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