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Thread: new cards added to the site

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    new cards added to the site

    Check it out.. My big deal came in today and actually quite a bit of new stuff now for trade for me

    Click here for my trading page


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    2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshamn Orientation Carson Palmer Jersey---#572/600---bv $20
    2003 Playoff Contenders Brooks Bollinger---#516/974

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    2003 Flair Sunday Showdown David Carr / Julius Peppers(patch)---BV $15---#231/500
    2003 Fleer Focus Shirtified Eddie George Jersey W/ Stitching---BV $10---#34/175
    check my site n plmk thanks

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    Outside that favre which we talked about before and probly wont happen I really cant use anything. Sorry bro.

    BTW the bollingers are NFT... Hes the guy im starting to collect with Jamar fletcher


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    Private Stock Titanium Post Season #88 Emmitt Smith Serial Numbered 138/435 outside that rizzo i really cant use much.. values dont match so if you wanted to pick something else out LMK.. Or possibly your suggs patch #/25 if you are going to trade that one or not.. Either one are the only things i could use


    EDIT.. BTW YOU GOT YOUR POST in as i saw lost souls post only.. that is why there was no reply for you

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    i might trade the suggs but most of the offers have been in the $100 range lmk how high youd go cuz it might be traded by the end of the night

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    I would a done about 75 at best. If you can get a 100 go ahead... Unless you got something you know of on my site right now, we can work from there


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    I'd give you these:
    2000 SPX au/gu Ron Dayne RC graded SGC 96 and
    2000 UD Encore Ron Dayne RC

    for these:
    2003 SP Authentic RC Patch Musa Smith
    2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Ken Dorsey ROOKIE AUTO W/ Vinney Testaverdy---#206/2000


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    We've made 2 very successful trades. I think we have a good trading relationship. Having said that, I desperately need a card off your list. 2003 Bowman Chrome Charles Tillman AUTOGRAPH rookie---BV $25. Now if there's nothing on my site you need for that card, then let me know what kinda card you would like. I will find something you like and trade you for it. That is my most sought after card. It would go great in my PC. Please give me good news.

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