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Thread: Any Troy Aikman fans?

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    Any Troy Aikman fans?

    Heres a list Aikmen doubles I would like to trade for other Aikman or other Cowboy players.(Dont care who,as long as I need them.)Thanks & LMK!!

    Troy Aikmen
    1989 Pro Set 490
    1991 Pro Set 372A Troy Aikman Str.ST
    1991 Upper Deck 152
    1992 Pro Set 473
    1994 Stadium Club 520 Troy Aikman RZ
    1996 Score 250 Troy Aikman SE
    1997 Donruss 10
    1997 Pinnacle Mint 25 Troy Aikman MH
    1999 Topps 245
    1999 Upper Deck 57
    2000 Pacific 98
    2000 Topps 280

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    I need the 89 pro set. I'll see what I can find for you.

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    Looking for a cards with a equal bv or another Dallas star rc. Thanks

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    I've got these cards from your player wantlist that I know off the top of my head:

    Patrick Ramsey 2002 Atomic Red #/600 RC
    2001 Donruss Elite Tim Hasselbeck RC #/500
    Ricky Williams 1999 Skybox Metal Universe RC
    Ricky Williams 1999 Gold Label RC

    I've got some more stuff, but this is what I remember off the top of my head. LMK if you need any of these. If not, I'll search for other stuff.

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    I'll trade you the entire lot bv$15.50 for this=2002 Atomic Red 119 Patrick Ramsey . lmk Thanks

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    sorry, I don't need the lot. I only need the pro set since it shows him in UCLA uniform. Do you happen to have anything of deshaun foster, or maybe some other nice RC to throw in to do a trade for the ramsey?

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    You can check my site and lmk. Or you can lmk what you have to offer in Cowboys or anything I may need of Ricky Williams

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    I may be able to use one of these if it would even the trade out:

    Willis McGahee
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome 140

    Randy Moss 1998 Upper Deck Encore

    I couldn't find a williams wantlist on your site.

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    Both of those are gone! Im trying to update my site as we speak!
    Im mainly trying to pick something up from a Cowboy player,if you have any lmk. Thanks

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