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Thread: Michael Vick Jersey for trade!

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    Michael Vick Jersey for trade!

    I have for trade a 2002 donruss elite back to the future threads /75 of mike vick for trade. Looking for any good game used or football autos.

  2. Kronozio
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    I am also interested in this card. Check my site and let me know if you see anything of interest. Thank you.

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    The book value is $60. Could possibly use your pennington or harrington auto baseballcardz01 if the serial number is different than how you have it listed 216/215 on the harrington.

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    Must be a typo..I will check the card serial # tonight or tommorow morning, because I am away from home right now...

    Do you have any other GU that you could add to the VIck? Autos more valuable than GU, and I dont like to trade them straight up...lmk!

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    I traded for it on SCF with Shockers so I will see if he specified the #, and I will LYK

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    Would you be interested in trading the harrington or the pennington towards the Vick?


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    I think I want to keep the Pennington...but the Harrington is available, both BVs are $60, can you add another GU to the Vick for my auto? Autos are more valuable, can sell/trade easier...PLMK

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