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    CC Auction: 03 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Jersey card

    I just pulled this, This auction is for a 03 Donruss Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Tim Hudson jersey card serial numbered 275/500, nice looking card, its a green piece of jersey

    Also, from now on, The winners of any of my auctions will also receive a bonus mystery card, either a nice game used, RC or insert card!

    starting bid: 50cc
    bid increments 25cc

    Auction ends Sunday Feb.29 at 10:00:00pm eastern time, any bids that are stamped 10:00pm will not count, if there is more than 1 bid at 9:59pm, the last bid before 10:00pm wil be the winner

    Thanks & Good Luck!


  2. Kronozio
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    two things whats the min bid increase and is it 10EST or PST?

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    Thanks for pointing that out, I edited the post

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    I dont have a scanner but I will go to my parents tomorrow and put up a scan for everyone

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