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    JD Drew jersey numberd to 50

    recently got a J.D Drew 2002 playoff peice of the game jersey short print to 50
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    I need it, what are you looking for ? You could also check my site & lmk.


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    WOW ! Go straight for the jugular your first day here. I guess I would make that trade if I were you too. The Sosa was mistakingly left on my trade page in the "Rookies" section I had it graded & I'm keeping it. It was removed from the Sosa list, but I forgot it was listed there too.

    Also, how did you just join the site today & already get a positive feedback from a trade ? Seems fishy to me, especially that layed on thick feedback that was left.

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    rick- my bad i was just lookin at sosas
    would u do it for Stadium Club MLB Match-Ups
    Greg Maddux # MLB-GM bat/jersey (gray)

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    One $50 card to another ? I'm gonna pass on any deals with you right now, I don't have a good feeling about you.

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    o it was 50 my bad im just picking cards sry man
    well do u wanna do it for your mark prior rc and sosa bowman rc

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    rick- how bout for Upper Deck Diamond Connection Bat Around Quads
    # BA-SGPM Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr., Rafael Palmeiro, Fred McGriff (quad bat)


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    rick- sorry for the stupid trades i wasnt thinkin so do u still wanna trade? and wat wil u trade

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