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    Exclamation Im going through football withdrawals already, I need help.

    My last box was 2003 UD SP Authentic 2 weeks ago, and loved it. I spent big dollars this year on boxes of football card product and I told myself that was it until the 2004 product comes out.

    Now this morning Im in a local gas station getting, well, you know, gas, and behind a glass counter there is a newly opened box of 2003 UD SP Authentic for $5.50 a piece with about 4 packs gone already from it.

    Well I bought a couple of packs, and now Im going crazy. I get home and Im telling myself, "go ahead, one more pack." Like I was a kid or something. I can see already Im gonna clean up the SPs if someone else doesnt do it before me. Maybe I should just buy another box.

    Anyone else feel this way when they run into cards they already bought a box or 2 or 3 of?!

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    Im with ya bro.. If you know that there are still 3-4 relics in the box and youve bought a few packs seeing NONE of them then you know its time to keep plugging away on stuff like that. I would definetly go by more if you have the money.. at 5.50 a pack thats a great price. I have to pay 7-8 a pack if i want any of them.


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