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    Exclamation Tommy Maddox 1993 Denver Broncos Issued ACTUAL GAME USED JERSEY!!!

    It was purchased from the Denver Broncos locker room(from a lady named Sue Kissel, who still works for the Broncos, but now in Marketing), in 1997. It has '93 patch in the bottom of the Jersey, it is a brillant ORANGE Jersey, with painted on numbers(do to how the majority of the NFL teams numbers where painted at that time). The Name plate is stiched, as well as the white lettering, "Maddox." It is "tailered for for prestidge teams, by Wilson. Size 44. Has a tiny stain on the front of the jersey? Directly from the Broncos Locker Room. For you steelers fans, this is awesome, have had it in my Bronco collection for some time now, how ever, I need to upgrade into the next era of Broncos(why, I dunno, with out portis). How ever I am looking to trade for Highend Bronco cards/memorabila, Tiger Woods stuff, or even sell. Let me know, very, very rare, and a Steelers Fan Show Piece! 100% Authentic, NO QUESTION!

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    I was wondering if you had any interest in a 2002 Contenders Rod Smith 10th Anniv card #10/10 in the world.

    Not for this jersey, but in general?

    PM me if you are interested.



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    i like the maddox check my site n plmk thanks

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