Want to get rid of these. All prices include shipping as a SASE. Here are the cards for sale:

Nick Johnson 2003 Donruss Classics "DressCode" (white jsy w/stripe) #ed 365/425 BK-$10--$5

Carlos Beltran/Mike Sweeney 2002 Playoff Absolute Memoribilia Dual GU Bats BK-$10--$6

Derek Bell 2001 Private Stock Memoribilia Game Used Jersey (black) BK-$10--$4

Johnny Damon 2001 Topps Traded Relics Game Used Jersey (Green) BK-$15--$8

Johnny Podres 2002 Topps Super Teams UN-CERTIFIED autograph. BK-?--$2

Todd Walker 1994 Signature Draft Picks #ed /7750 BK-$5--$3

Pedro Santana 2001 Royal Rookies #ed/5950 BK-$?--$2

Delvin James 2001 Royal Rookie #ed/5950 BK-?--$2

Michael napoli 2001 Royal Rookies #ed/5950 BK-?--$2

Tony Aramas 1999 Team Best Autographs BK-$3--$2

Ryan Church 2002 Bowmans Best Autographs #99 Blue--Bk-$15--$7

Please help, cash only, no trade offers either.