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    Cool 03-04 Mystique GOLD Lebron BGS 9.5!!

    Hello everyone if you check the population reports on and look for LeBron James under 03-04 fleer mystique gold there is just one card graded, my LeBron gold card. It is serial #'d just 25/50 and was graded a BGS 9.5 GEM MINT!!! I am looking to SELL only and taking offers! Check out pic!


    *Email me offers now!

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    Thumbs up back of Lebron gold 9.5 w/subgrades

    Here is the pic of the back of the gold lebron mystique bgs 9.5 card. Remember this is a 1/1! check out the serial # too its only #25/50 in the world this card is super rare I got it from a guy in HONG KONG! I got it graded and Im sure he'd be unhappy to know that it graded a 9.5 by beckett but Im happy!

    Remember me at to give buying offers for this card!

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    I merged the two threads together. You don't have to start a new thread about the same card. Thanks


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    Thanks John, I havent been on this site in a LOOOONG time. I forgot about that. You think that card may get some lookers? Its pretty sweet isnt it?

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    I think you will have a hard time selling it here as there are not too many to spend that kind of cash. You might want to list it on ebay. You are sure to make a good amount on there.

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    john1170 is right there are very few people here who spend that kind of money on cards but you never know!

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