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    mvp? kobe, tmac, kg or someone else

    who will win the nba's mvp award this year will it be kobe or tmac or kg or somebod else?

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    i think kobe wil win it with all of his fabulous games and cool dunks.

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    i think kobe deserves it but they will give it to KG

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    i think kobe... hes had a great season and he has pulled LA 2gether w/ and w. out shaq

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    I'd give it to Tmac or Garnett. Kobe isn't even in my top 5. The least talked about player who deserves it over Kobe is Dirk. Nowitski has been huge this year and is the best player on the team with the best record.

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    My top five would be:
    1. McGrady
    2. Garnett
    3. Nowitski
    4. Kidd
    5. Duncan

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    tmac ,magic would be fighting for lebron james and not for the playoffs if it was not for tmac!

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    If I got to vote it would go to Kevin Garnett. This guy puts up huge numbers and isn't surrounded with a lot of talent and seems to be always overlooked.

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