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    50% off..need to make room in my house

    This list is sort of mixed up, but these are some great deals. All cards listed here are 50% off of the book value price (no exceptions). Shipping will be $1 added onto total or a self addressed stamped envelope capable of holding the cards. All I ask is that you securely conceal the cash.

    Chipper Jones 1998 Pinnacle “Goin’ Jake” Museum Collection #PP97
    Lyle Overbay 2003 Bowman Draft Chrome #BDP13
    Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Opening Day #21
    Ryan Howard 2003 Bowman Draft Chrome #BDP138
    Cliff Lee 2003 Bowman Draft Chrome #BDP112
    Edgardo Baez 2003 Bowman Draft Gold #BDP84
    Franklin Gutierrez 2003 Stadium Club #117
    Brandon Larson 2003 Bowman Draft #BDP18
    Craig Stansberry 2003 Bowman Draft #BDP42
    Jose Valverde 2003 Bowman Draft #BDP16
    Jon Papelbon 2003 Bowman Draft #BDP51
    Mike Wagner 2003 Bowman Draft #BDP61
    Steve Lerud 2003 Bowman Draft #BDP49
    Ty Wigginton 2003 Bowman Draft Gold #BDP5
    Alex Rodriguez 1998 Pinnacle Plus “Piece of the Game” #3
    Ken Griffey Jr. 2001 Fleer Platinum “Rookie Reprints” (of his ’89 Fleer card) Reprint #10
    Jackie Robinson 2002 Topps Chrome “52 WS Reprint” #52R-10
    Barry Bonds 2002 Stadium Club “Stadium Shots” #SS5
    Chipper Jones 2001 Upper Deck “Home Run Explosion” #HR2
    Dontrelle Willis 2003 Bowman Heritage Signature (facsimile signature) #110
    Chipper Jones 2003 Stadium Club “Beam Team” #BT12
    Jim Edmonds 2002 Fleer Ultra “Glove Works” #8GW
    Alex Rodriguez 1999 UD Choice “Yard Work” #Y26
    Vladimir Guererro 2001 Fleer Tradition “Diamond Tributes” #27DT
    Gary Sheffield 1998 Pacific Revolution “Foul Pole” (cool insert) #17
    Mark McGwire 1999 Pacific Private Stock “Home Run History #67” card #7
    Mark McGwire 1999 Revolution #118
    Mark McGwire 2000 Fleer Showcase “Final Answer” #10FA
    Mark McGwire/Rick Ankiel 2000 Skybox Metal “Fusion” #2F
    Alex Rodriguez/Ken Griffey Jr. 2000 Skybox Metal “Fusion” #1F
    Leroy “Satchel” Paige 2001 Topps “What could have Been” #WCB2
    Roger Clemens 2001 Upper Deck “Big League Beat” #BB4
    Mike Piazza 2000 Fleer Showcase “Final Answer” #8FA
    Troy Glaus 2001 Finest “Finest Moments” #FM17
    Jimmy Rollins 2002 Topps Ten Diecuts #125
    Luis Gonzalez 2002 Topps Ten Diecuts #44
    Mike Piazza 2000 UD Reserve “Royalty” #R6
    Mike Piazza 1999 Pacific “Dynagon Diamond” #16
    Ivan Rodriguez 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition “Diamonation” #D9
    Jim Thome 2003 Fleer Showcase “Thundersticks” #4TS
    Jim Rice 2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th Anniversary “Splendid Splinters” #SS8
    Mark McGwire 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition “Diamond Gallery” #G6
    Ted Williams/Tony Gwynn 2001 Topps “Combos-Sweetness” #TC15
    Randy Johnson 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition “Diamonation” #D6
    Chipper Jones 2000 Topps “Own the Game” #OTG22
    Roberto Alomar 2002 Topps “Ring Masters” #Rm-9
    Andy Pafko 2002 Topps “52 WS Reprints” #52R-4
    JD Drew 2002 Fleer Ultra “Rising Stars” #13RS
    Mark McGwire 2003 Victory-Green #88
    Pedro Martinez 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition “Diamond Skills” #S4
    Roberto Clemente 1997 Topps “Tribute to Clemente” #RC3
    Vladimir Guerrero 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition “Diamond Might” #M8
    Greg Maddux 2002 Fleer EX “Behind the Numbers” #27BN
    Derek Jeter 1999 Pacific “Dynagon Diamond” #4
    Thurman Munson 2002 Fleer Tradition “This Day in History” #U9TDH
    Rafael Palmiero/Ivan Rodriguez 2000 Skybox Metal “Fusion” #14F
    Mark McGwire 2002 UD Ovation SILVER #115
    Mark McGwire 1999 Topps “Power Brokers” REFRACTOR #PB1
    Ken Griffey Jr. 2000 Fleer Gamers #114 (Fame Game)
    Walter “Buck” Leonard 2001 Topps “What Could Have Been” #WCB3
    Ichiro Suzuki 2002 Fleer Ultra “Rising Stars” #1RS
    Nolan Ryan 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes #51
    Felix Pie 2003 Bowman Heritage #182 RC
    Carlos Delgado 2001 Upper Deck "Big League Beat" #BB10
    Ivan Rodriguez 2000 Skybox Dominion "PLatinum Portraits" #4PP

    Please let me know what you are interested in. I use Beckett Online Price Guide. Please help me out, I need to sell these, all of them, the collection is getting too large.


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    how much for the bonds sc stadium shots and the overbay chrome draft? plmk.

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    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    Could Sell the two at 50% off, so its: $3.20 + SASE or $4.20 no SASE


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